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Early Tryouts (PreSeason)

The early tryouts are geared towards athletes who are looking to compete at 3 or more overnight tournaments (O3 = 3 Overnights, O5 = 5 Overnights, etc). As a result of this tryout, athletes may be offered spots on one of our overnight club teams. The players who are given these offers, will be provided with a preseason, which will consist of an additional 3 months of training on Sundays (starting in September). The advantage of this is the ability to foster team chemistry, train at a high level, as well as prepare for the competitive club season months in advance! Our organization will greatly benefit from being able to register for tournaments and book hotel rooms ahead of time. In addition, if you accept your position on a team, you will be able to pay your club fees over 10 months (as opposed to 5 months). We highly recommend this tryout for club players looking to play at overnight tournaments. These tournaments promote higher competition levels, more college coaches for recruiting ,as well as 3x as many matches as one day events! 

Parents Club Meeting: 
July 28th: 12:15pm & 5:15pm
August 4th: 12:15pm & 5:15pm

*All meetings are the same, we recommend coming during the time of that your daughter is trying out*

Tryout Fee

*Day of Tryouts- $150 (Cash or Check only)*


Tryouts for O3 - O5 Teams

Tryout Day 1 - July 28th

13u / 14u/ 15u: 10:00am - 1:00pm
16u / 17u/ 18u: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Tryout Day 2 - August 4th

13u / 14u/ 15u: 10:00am - 1:00pm
16u / 17u/ 18u: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

*Athletes are not required to attend both dates of tryouts*

2019-2020 Season Info

Team Age Season Practice Hours Regional Tournaments Overnight Tournaments Practice Fee Tournament Fee Coaches Fee TOTAL
O5 Teams 15-17 Nov 25th – May 10th 144+ 4-5 5 $1800 $890 $1260 $3950
O4 Teams 18 Nov 25th – April 9th 112+ 4-5 4 $1200 $760 $990 $2950
O3 Teams 10-17 Nov 25th – May 10th 112+ 4 3 $1350 $550 $950 $2850

Practice Times

  • 2 Hours every Sunday from September 8th to November 17th
  • After PreSeason
    • O5 teams will practice 6.5 hours a week, three times a week from November 25th to May 10th
    • O3 & O4 teams will practice 4.5 hours a week, twice a week from November 25th to May 10th