About Us

Sideout Sports was created June, 2009 by Brian Goldberg and Jeff Gogates.  


     Sideout Sports is dedicated to the knowledge and appreciation of the sport of volleyball.  Our goal is to not only make better volleyball players, but to make volleyball a bigger part of our community. At Sideout Sports, we aim to make smarter players that will understand the game at a higher level and perfect their role on the court. Along with training players’ skills and intelligence, we will help develop a player’s physical attributes. Our instructors hope to inspire and guide players in their volleyball careers. We want everyone who walks into our facility to walk out with the same appreciation and respect for the sport of volleyball that we have here at Sideout Sports.


     Throughout the year, Sideout Sports will be offering training and playing opportunities for all your volleyball needs. Our courts will be open to the public as often as possible, so that people of all ages and skill levels can come to learn and play from casual to competitive.We will be running year round clinics for players of all ages, private training, team training, club teams for men, women, boys and girls, specialized camps, off-season workouts, open gym, leagues and physical training. Players will be working with the most dedicated instructors that possess a passion for volleyball and the patience and knowledge to teach it.


We are located at: